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730 North Diamond Bar Boulevard Diamond Bar, California 91765.

Civil Litigation Attorneys

Kenner Law Group is a full-service law firm that has successfully resolved a variety of legal disputes ranging from pre-lawsuit negotiations to monetary awards at trial. Whether a case goes to mediation, arbitration, bench trial, jury trial or appeal, Kenner Law Group is there to provide effective representation and advice to the client at every juncture, and to see that the case is resolved to the client's satisfaction.

Understanding Your Needs

At Kenner Law Group, we understand how important your case is to you. That is why we have built a reputation of being accessible, responsive and professional when it comes to any case we accept. We understand that great client service requires insight, expertise, responsiveness, proactivity, and integrity. We are always striving to understand your legal problems, and to formulate a strategy to achieve the results you want.

We afford our clients the highest quality of representation at rates that compare favorably with our competition and larger corporate firms. There is no other firm that can offer the same combination of price, ability, effort and service.

High Quality Service, Invaluable Experience

The quality of legal services and the experience possessed by the attorneys at Kenner Law Group is truly unique. Accessibility to the client and diligent representation are the founding principles of the firm, and we endeavor to keep you updated on the progress of your case as it progresses. This provides us with the feedback we need to better understand your thought process and better represent you as your case develops.

Effective Representation

At Kenner Law Group, we believe that any case must proceed on dual tracks. One track is the aggressive representation of a client in court by filing motions and conducting discovery and preparing the case for trial. The other is the equally aggressive representation of the client in settlement negotiations.

Cases are often so aggressively disputed in court that parties and lawyers alike lose sight of the reason the case was brought. This ends up with lawyers doing a disservice to their clients, spending too much time and money over-litigating a case that could have been otherwise by way of negotiation. Kenner Law Group understands that most civil cases settle, and ultimately that is our goal. We come up with creative ways to settle a case so the case itself becomes more cost-effective for the client.

At Kenner Law Group, we aggressively protect your rights in court while at the same time engaging in creative and effective negotiations with adverse parties in an effort to resolve your case as early as possible.

If you have a legal dispute, contact Kenner Law Group today for a free consultation.

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