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Appellate litigation is fundamentally different from trial-level litigation. The focus is on issues of law rather than questions of fact, and the skills an attorney must possess in order to successfully represent his or her client are different in many ways.

What it takes to litigate appeals

While trial-level litigation strategy is often directed towards putting on a convincing performance for the jury, appellate litigation requires an approach that emphasizes legal precedent, statutory interpretation, and a deeper understanding of the law. After years of litigating appeals, our attorneys possess those skills and will leverage them tirelessly in order to provide clients with the most effective representation possible. Our lawyers advocate through carefully crafted appellate briefs and articulate oral arguments, providing effective representation and challenging contrary interpretations of the law.

We know how to litigate appeals

Our attorneys understand what it takes to achieve success in appellate litigation. They prepare legal analyses and strategies that will successful in the appellate context, assemble appellate briefs, present oral arguments, and file post-trial motions for judgment as a matter of law, remittitur, and for a new trial where appropriate. Furthermore, the attorneys at Kenner Law Group understand that despite the presence of novel issues of law, effective representation is paramount. We are always looking to negotiate if it will save the client money, even if we know we have a winning appeal. Where appellate litigation presents an opportunity for negotiation, mediation, or settlement, we will pursue those options to the extent it will further the client's interests.

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