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General corporate counsel

Corporate counsel is a crucial aspect of any business. That said, many smaller businesses might find themselves under substantial financial pressure, and as a result, may believe they are unable to obtain these services, however crucial. Of course, others may not fully realize the full value of general counsel, but there are important reasons for retaining an attorney that can ultimately lower corporate costs.

Why does a business need general counsel?

Rather than an unnecessary business expense, retaining general counsel actually serves to reduce a number of long-term business expenses. General counsel will focus on employment issues, ensuring that employees are covered by necessary contractual language that protects an employer outright. Without sound employment contracts, unnecessary litigation and the loss of crucial business secrets may result. General counsel will also serve well at the negotiation table for brick-and-mortar businesses that seek to enter into real estate leases or contracts of sale. General counsel will also focus on the protection of key intellectual property including patents, trademarks, and copyrights, and with a better idea of what is involved in those services, will be able to keep outside legal costs down. That cost-cutting function is another crucial aspect of the general counsel's position with respect to litigation; when outside counsel is retained for litigation purposes, the general counsel will work to reduce litigation costs and scrutinize profligate hourly billing.

Kenner Law Group can be your general counsel

Our attorneys don't need to sit at your desks to be your general counsel. We can provide all the services normally provided to companies with in-house corporate counsel, and we can do it at substantially preferable rates. Call our Diamond Bar lawyers today to find out more about these services, and how they can further the goals of your business.

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