The attorneys at Kenner Law Group are civil litigation experts. Civil litigation is a highly complicated endeavor requiring skills honed only after years of practice and experience. Our attorneys are trained civil litigators, and understand what it takes to bring a civil case to its successful conclusion.


Though most people think of a dramatic courtroom opening statement when it comes to litigation, approximately one percent of all cases actually get to that phase. In reality, the vast majority of civil litigation takes place in the pretrial phase. Though the procedure is different depending upon the state in which the litigation occurs, and whether the litigation occurs in state or federal court, there are commonalities to all pretrial civil litigation. Filing a legal complaint with the court and serving it on the defendant or defendants initiates the lawsuit, and usually initiates a spat of formal written briefing, whereby motions are filed with the court regarding various aspects of the case. Discovery is perhaps the most time consuming and outcome determinative aspect of a civil litigation, as it is the phase during which the parties engage in fact-finding to isolate evidence that will support their case at trial. In discovery disclosures are filed, depositions are taken, and facts are gleaned in an often time-consuming but necessary process.


At trial, attorneys for either side will present oral arguments, examine and cross-examine witnesses, make evidentiary objections, and attempt to persuade the finder of fact as to how they should find. Adeptness in trial is a function of experience, and often a trial is in fact trial by fire for many less seasoned litigators.


The attorneys at Kenner Law Group have the sort of experience that wins cases, and we can help win your case as well. Call the Diamond Bar lawyers today to learn more about what our attorneys can do for you.