Real estate litigation encompasses a wide variety of potential legal disputes, including contract disputes involving brokers, landlords and tenants, and buyers and sellers, as well as disputes between various claimants to property. Such litigation takes place almost exclusively in state court, and implicates a wide range of important legal issues. When it comes to real estate litigation, the attorneys at Kenner Law Group possess a wealth of knowledge and experience that facilitates the effective assistance of their clients.


The attorneys at Kenner Law Group will be able to assist clients with a wide range of issues relating to real estate transactions. Such disputes include litigation arising from defects in title, unresolved liens and judgments, encumbrances on land not mentioned or conditions left unmet in a sale contract, lease agreement violations, and failures to disclose important defects.


Real estate transactions are all too often not entered into with the possibility of litigation in mind. Indeed, most real estate transactions in California are not performed by licensed attorneys, and are approached primarily from a business standpoint. We appreciate that approach, and hope to supplement it with effective counsel targeted to avoid lengthy litigation, and succeed where litigation is inevitable. Contact one of our Diamond Bar lawyers to learn more about the real estate litigation services provided by the Kenner Law Group.