Every business must concern itself with the issues surrounding labor and employment law, whether they like it or not. Employees, independent contractors, and even interns ought to be covered by some kind of written document that outlines the nature of the services performed, and protects the company against liability.


Employment issues are a major issue for companies despite the presence of an employment contract. For example, what might appear to be a routine firing can all too easily give rise to a discrimination claim brought by a disgruntled plaintiff. Discriminations claims can be brought under federal law, state and local law, and the fact-intensive nature of these cases can lead to costly pre-trial discovery. Particularly in California, employment law is a complex body of law that requires a proactive, business-oriented approach.


Labor issues can also be problematic, especially to the extent unions become involved. Unions are powerful entities, and from the moment a collective bargaining agreement is signed, a union or a union fund may have a basis for pursuing outstanding contributions on behalf of its union members. Given the strength of certain unions, the arbitration process can be one-sided, and appeal to a court of law may be required. The Diamond Bar lawyers at Kenner Law Group have grappled with these issues, and understand what it takes to effectively represent employer clients in this context.